Global Academy course overview



Course description
An overview of historical and contemporary contexts in South Africa, offering a timeline of significant events that have shaped South African politics, culture and society. The course connects the past to the present, touching on:

  • slavery;
  • the history of San/Khoi dispossession in the Cape;
  • colonialism;
  • apartheid and resistance;
  • culture, heritage and citizenship;
  • post apartheid South African; and
  • South African music, art and pottery.

Students will gain an understanding of the way history influences the character of Cape Town and South Africa, and develop insights into the current African context, opportunities and challenges of transformation.


Course description
An overview of social justice in the context of South Africa, looking into the root causes of injustices in society and examining concepts of wealth distribution, opportunities, resources and privileges. The course aims to help students develop an appreciation of the intersecting pressures on society that make social justice difficult to achieve, and to seek solutions within their own contexts. The course focuses on:
• social justice activism;
• seeking social justice and solutions through entrepreneurial ideas
• groups and organisations;
• innovation in the arts and social justice in Africa; and
• social entrepreneurship.