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  • The Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) annual general meeting was hosted in Cape Town by UCT from 31 March to 3 April.
  • As part of the WUN annual general meeting, the following workshops were facilitated:
  • The WUN Resilience in Young People/Adolescents Working Group Workshop was held from 27 to 28 March.
  • The WUN Global Challenges Conference: Public Health and Climate Change was held from 28 to 30 March.
  • The third WUN In-FLAME Annual Workshop was held from 30 to 31 March.
  • The WUN Migration and Health working group meeting was held on 31 March.
  • The Confucius Institute moved from the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHED) to the International Academic Programmes Office. The Chinese director is Associate Professor Shengyong Qin and the South African director is Professor Evance Kalula.
  • IAPO’s Director, Professor Evance Kalula represents UCT at the International Association of University Presidents (IAUP) in Livingstone, Zambia from 3-5 March.
  • UCT signs a funding agreement with the MasterCard Foundation.
  • The USHEPiA Programme Vice Chancellors attend the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) African presidents meeting in Cape Town during the WUN conference.
  • UCT holds its 3rd campus wide Africa Month celebration during May, with over 40 events, including sports, seminars, master classes, debates, a food fair, presentations and exhibitions.
  • The International Study Abroad offices moved from Upper Campus to the Masingene Building, Middle Campus.
  • SSA enrolled 523 students in the first semester


  • Professor Evance Kalula begins his first year of tenure as Director of IAP​O
  • The ARISE Programmes’ first scholar enrols at the University of Cape Town
  • Eleven IAPO Members of Staff attend the 17th annual International Education Association of South Africa IEASA Conference in Bloemfontein in August
  • UCT is awarded funding by the MasterCard Foundation to provide scholarship opportunities to economically disadvantaged students from the African continent - to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate studies at UCT under the theme 'Developing First Generation African Professionals.'
  • UCT awards its first ARISE scholarships to successful applicants. The ARISE Programme will facilitate staff and student mobility within ARISE partner universities.
  • USHEPiA Cohort 2013 welcomes its first fellow in May 2013.
  • UCT becomes a member of PAMAPS, (Postgraduate Academic Mobility for African Physician Scientists and ERMIT ( Entrepreneurship, Resources, Management Innovation and Technology) EU funded Intra ACP Programmes for student and staff mobility.
  • UCT joined as a partner university in EUSA_ID, Target Group 1
  • First London School of Economics in conjunction with UCT, held in July.
  • Mobility: UCT sent 55 students on semester exchange to partner universities - 15 postgraduates and 39 undergraduates
  • Second ‘Celebrating Africa Month' series held at UCT during the month of May with 38 events spanning sport, research, master classes, debates, food fare, presentations and exhibitions
  • Events participated in: Open Day, Parents Day, EMA2SA Upper Campus Roadshow, Africa Month exhibition
  • IAPO logo and marketing materials rebranded; as well as the digitisation of marketing and communication material
  • "World at UCT" newsletter relaunched in html format


  • Dr Loveness Kaunda retires after six years of service as director of IAPO
  • Dr Kaunda is succeeded by Professor Evance Kalula, who has served at UCT for more than 20 years
  • UCT hosted the 16th annual International Education Association of South Africa (IEASA) conference IEASA Conference
  • UCT selected to lead African consortium in ARISE bid (EU funded intra-ACP programme), with a grant of EUR2 million, for staff and graduate student mobility in Africa
  • UCT promoted to South African coordinator for the ema2SA consortium (
  • Director invited to present a paper at the Australian International Education conference
  • Director launched a special interest group, Internationalisation of the Curriculum, at the 16th annual IEASA conference
  • UCT joined the EU-SATURN consortium, for staff and graduate student mobility between South Africa and Europe (
  • Worked with Centre for Open Learning to develop the cooperative 2013 July School with the London School of Economics
  • First Africa month highly successful
  • Donation drive: equipment donated to the Christine Revel children's home in Athlone
  • Second annual African safari to East Africa attended by 13 academic staff
  • Relaunch of USHEPIA programme and website
  • IMAG questionnaire for the policy of internationalisation successful, with a 31% response rate
  • Road show for outgoing exchange students held on upper campus
  • Continued growth of incoming Students Abroad programme
  • IAPO holds its first refugee student support forum


  • Establishment of the Worldwide University Network (WUN) steering group at UCT
  • UCT joined the ema2SA Erasmus consortium, for staff and graduate student mobility between South Africa and Europe (
  • Director served on the Confucius Institute Board, UCT
  • Hosted WUN Understanding Cultures meeting, together with HUMA (Institute for Humanities in Africa), at UCT
  • Hosted WUN Global Health conference in COPD, together with IIDMM, at UCT
  • Internationalisation video launched, showcasing UCT as an international university (
  • Facilitated more than 100 individual and delegation visits to UCT from around the world.
  • IAPO offices relocated to Masingene Building, Level 3
  • IAPO hosts its first annual spring braai event
  • IAPO successfully lobbied the Department of Home Affairs to allow international students with pending visa applications to register
  • Two IAPO staff members elected to IEASA's Management Council and Director's Forum


  • Largest intake of SSA students since the programme began
  • IEASA Golden Key award
  • VC grant to kickstart WUN activities
  • Independent survey on the strategic impact and value of the SSA programme done by Mthenthe
  • Total staff members: 27


  • IAPO is awarded an IEASA/Golden Key award for excellence in internationalisation in the category of international students as a percentage of total student registrations
  • USHEPiA Planning group visited all partner universities as part of the review
  • UCT joined the World University Network (WUN)


  • IAPO launches newsletter - World@UCT
  • IAPO and the Department of Student Affairs establish the International Students Forum
  • Work started on the IAPO database of UCT's international linkages
  • USHEPiA programme was prioritised on UCT's fundraising priority list of Alumni and Development. This means that UCT recognises USHEPiA as one of the key strategic thrusts
  • The Rockefeller Foundation funded the strategic review for the future of USHEPiA
  • Six USHEPiA fellows graduated with PHDs, plus one masters degree
  • UCT enrols 4 496 international students


  • UCT hosts immigration legislation awareness seminar at UCT for Western Cape institutions together with the Department of Home Affairs
  • USHEPiA Future Strategy Conference held in November
  • USHEPiA Intellectual Property Project initiated
  • Three USHEPiA fellows graduated with PHDs
  • Eric Abrahams Academic Visitorships Programme launched for Scholars at Risk
  • UCT enrols 4 283 international students


  • IAPO establishes the International Management Advisory Group to advise, and be a policy reference group for the DVC on internationalisation at UCT
  • IAPO celebrates its 10th anniversary
  • UCT's Internationalisation Policy is launched
  • The first Semester Study Abroad in Africa programme between the University of Cape Town and University of Dar-es-Salaam is launched - UCT/UDSM African Leadership Exchange Programme
  • IAPO welcomes 418 SSA students in the first semester; its highest ever number of SSA students in a semester
  • Total staff members: 23


  • IAPO co-ordinates its first "Africa Day" celebrations
  • IAPO starts billing 1 000 international-term-fee accounts per annum
  • IAPO is awarded an IEASA Golden Key award for Excellence in Internationalisation in the Quality Information for International Students category
  • IAPO co-ordinates its first Refugee Students' Summit, attended by refugee students from institutions in the Western Cape
  • The USHEPiA Programme has awarded 21 PhD and 6 master's degrees since its inception
  • Total staff members: 22
  • UCT registers over 4 000 international students from 97 countries (full degree - 3 219, SSA - 709)


  • Professor Thandabantu Nhlapo is appointed Deputy Vice-Chancellor, International Relations, at UCT
  • IAPO hosts the 8th International Education Association of South Africa (IEASA) conference at UCT
  • IAPO is awarded an IEASA / Golden Key award for Excellence in Internationalisation in the International Student Exchange Programme category
  • IAPO co-ordinates more than 30 inter-institutional memoranda of understanding and helps facilitate a further 42 UCT departmental and faculty agreements
  • Total staff members: 19
  • Total international students: 3 485


  • The USHEPiA Programme has its first external evaluation
  • IAPO hosts staff members from the University of Port Harcourt (Nigeria) on a 3-month academic exchange programme
  • Total staff members: 19
  • International full-degree students now nearly 3 000 from 92 different countries
  • SSA student numbers now nearly 450.


  • IAPO organises its first "World at UCT" / International Week event
  • IAPO's first "Come and See for Yourself" exercise is launched and attended by staff members from partner institutions in the USA and Norway
  • Total staff members: 18
  • Total international students: 2 748
  • 1 000 students have come on the SSA programme since its inception.


  • IAPO runs planning workshops at USHEPiA partner universities for a major proposal on "Applying Biotechnology to Poverty in Africa" to explore the possibilities offered by international multidisciplinary research projects within the programme
  • The USHEPiA programme in partnership with the Association of African Universities launches a pilot opportunity to build up an African research ethic in the areas of science, engineering and humanities
  • Total staff members: 14
  • Total international students: 2 507


  • Draft policy on internationalisation at UCT is presented to UCT's senior executive
  • The African Academic Links Programme is created within IAPO to focus on relationships with other African universities
  • IAPO co-ordinates a joint South African Department of Education / UNESCO pilot fellowship scheme of African academic exchange. 30 Fellowships are awarded to senior African academics to spend up to 6 months doing research at one of the (then) 5 Western Cape higher-education institutions.
  • Total staff members: 13
  • Total international students: 2 414


  • IAPO runs its first "Home Affairs" week in collaboration with the Department of Home Affairs, enabling international students to renew their study permits on campus
  • IAPO conducts its first visit to a European partner institution: University of Leiden
  • IAPO's first attendance at the European Association for International Education (EAIE) Conference in Maastricht, Netherlands
  • IAPO appoints a SADC Student Officer
  • IAPO organises the Emerging African Leaders' Working Forum Seminar at UCT.
  • UCT was certified to administer the US Federal Aid (Stafford Loans).
  • Total staff members: 11
  • Total international students: 2 208


  • IAPO runs its first international students' pre-registration process to check study permits and fee payments
  • IAPO launches its Semester Study Abroad (SSA) Programme with 152 students.
  • First IAPO attendance at the International Education Association of South Africa (IEASA) Conference held in Pretoria
  • First IAPO attendance at NAFSA Conference, USA
  • USHEPiA partner universities conduct an internal evaluation of the programme at UCT
  • Total staff members: 7
  • Total international students: 1 997


  • IAPO welcomes its second cohort of USHEPiA Fellows (humanities).
  • IAPO publishes its first international student booklet.
  • The Council for International Educational Exchange (CIEE) and IAPO sign an agreement to host a study centre for study-abroad students at UCT
  • Total staff members: 5
  • Total international students: 1 630


  • The International Academic Programmes Office is established at UCT with Ms Lesley Shackleton as founding director
  • IAPO welcomes its first cohort of USHEPiA Fellows (science and engineering). (The USHEPiA Programme participating universities are the Universities of Cape Town, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Dar-es-Salaam, Nairobi and Zambia, the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (Nairobi) and Makerere University, Uganda)
  • Total staff members: 3
  • Total international students: unknown