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African Partnerships and Study Programmes

The African Partnerships and Study Programmes (APSP) section is responsible for developing and maintaining partnerships and programmes that strengthen UCT’s academic integration with other African universities and that aim to deepen UCT’s Afropolitan focus. In addition, APSP focuses on developing, implementing and monitoring UCT's internationalisation policy with respect to Africa. The aim of strengthening UCT's academic integration with the rest of Africa is achieved by managing existing African academic partnership programmes as well as implementing strategic programmes. Moreover, APSP aims to maximise co-operation within the higher education sector in Africa by facilitating visits and building strategic links with African academics and students across the continent. APSP has also implemented a database of partnerships that will serve as a basis for UCT in making decisions on future African initiatives.
The section further provides a wide range of support and services to international full degree students and Post-Doctoral Research Fellows (PDRF). The international student body comprises of over 3,500 full degree students, including almost 2 500 SADC students, and PDRFs from approximately 104 countries and each year over 300 new full degree students and PDRFs enrol at UCT.