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Mobility Partnerships and Programmes

One of the largest contingents of exchange and semester abroad students received at UCT is that received through the Semester Study Abroad (SSA) programme. The growth of the Semester Study Abroad programme has resulted in UCT having the biggest study abroad programme in South Africa.  Since the start of the SSA programme when UCT hosted 152 students in 1998, SSA enrolment has increased to 972 students in 2014 from more than 50 partner institutions around the world.  Many students come independently, too, as ‘free movers’.   UCT is considered a prime destination for Study Abroad students, owing to its location in Africa and the academic reputation of the university, as well as the reputation of the SSA programme, and the fact that courses are taught in English.  MPP welcomes the SSA and exchange students with a vibrant and intensive two-week orientation programme, which initiates students into campus and city life. MPP also provides 24/7 emergency support, and works with a wide range of partners in South Africa and abroad.
MPP supports UCT student mobility to UCT’s partner institutions abroad and maintains reciprocal exchange linkages that facilitate these exchanges. Other services offered by MPP include: planning itineraries and facilitating meetings for international visitors and delegations, establishing and maintaining partnerships with international universities, and signing and maintaining memoranda of understanding with partner institutions. 
The manager of MPP is also currently UCT’s Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) coordinator. MPP supports the WUN steering group at UCT and arranges major WUN-related events, such as the annual general meeting of all 17 partner universities, which was held in Cape Town in March 2014. 
MPP has administered a number of Erasmus Mundus Action 2 student and staff mobility programmes since 2009, including the EMA2SA, EU-SATURN, and EUSA-ID programmes. Staff in the section also prepare bids for funding for these and similar programmes.