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Systems, Communication and Information

The Systems, Communication and Information (SCI) section of IAPO comprises of four main areas namely: Front Office; Communications and Marketing; International Visits; Systems & Information. 

  1. The Front Office welcomes local and international visitors and students to UCT. This includes responding to large numbers of e-mails, telephonic queries and drop-in visitors. The Front Office is responsible for maintaining the upkeep of all office equipment; transporting staff, students and visitors to specific meetings and events; and liaising with stakeholders within and outside UCT to respond to requests for information. 
  2. The Communications and Marketing area publicises the work of IAPO and maintains strong internal and external stakeholder relationships. IAPO has a vibrant social media presence on Facebook and Twitter. IAPO’s marketing strategy includes digitising all IAPO’s information booklets on branded USBs, distributing biannual and monthly e-newsletters, creating and maintaining the new IAPO website, actively participating in UCT events, and compiling IAPO publications and reports. IAPO strives to maintain a bold and strategic presence at on- and off campus events. Events include the Teaching and Learning Conference, Parent’s Orientation, UCT Open Day and African Month events.
  3. The international visits area moved into the SCI section in October 2014. The visits were previously administrated by the APSP and MPP. The demand for visits has rapidly increased by 53% in volume in 2014. Automation of the visit booking process is currently being developed.
  4. The Systems and Information area strategically aligns in-house IAPO systems with institution-wide UCT systems and sources key information for the IAPO Management Team. There are various internal UCT systems as well as external systems that SCI uses to automate processes or present information. One of these systems is the UCT Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system which IAPO is using to automating most of its processes. The new CRM will assist with the following:
  • Partnerships and Links - which includes the storage of Memoranda of Understanding (MoU)
  • International visits
  • Pre-registration
  • Office and resource administration