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In strong partnerships, IAPO:

  • Establishes and maintains partnerships with leading universities worldwide
  • Promotes the Afropolitan vision by initiating agreements with African universities
  • Coordinates funded consortium mobility programmes with African and worldwide partners
  • Welcomes nearly 5,000 international students to UCT every year 
  • Organises exchange and scholarship programmes for students to study abroad
  • Runs orientation programmes for new international students
  • Runs the pre-registration process for all international students
  • Assists students with finding short- and long-term accommodation
  • Assists students with study permit renewals
  • Provides certain financial services
  • Runs the Semester Study Abroad programme
  • Works closely with student leadership structures and sponsors certain international student societies’ events
  • Promotes and facilitates exchange opportunities for UCT students and staff. These include:
  • IAPO General Exchanges: UCT students in their first or second year of undergraduate studies and those doing their Master’s or doctoral studies (minimum two-year programme) may apply to go on a semester exchange to one of our partner universities in North America, Europe, the United Kingdom or Australia. 
  • Erasmus Mundus: South Africans with a Bachelor’s degree may apply for a semester exchange or to complete a full degree at a European university, participating in one of the following programmes: EMA2SA, EUSATURN, EUROSA+, EUSA_ID, AESOP, and Intra-ACP.