Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is a document each student is expected to sign upon arrival into their semester accommodation. This document will outline the rules and regulation of your stay and the expected behaviour of each student in the residences. The rules quoted below are a summary of the document. Please note that it would be advantageous for you to read the rules and understand them, this will ensure that your stay will be a pleasant one. 

General house rules

* No student shall enter the room of another student without permission.

* A student shall not sub-let any part of a student housing unit for financial considerations or otherwise.

* Students shall not have an overnight visitor in their room or in any other part of the house without the consent of the landlord.

* Students shall ensure that their visitors comply with domestic rules, and they shall be responsible for the behaviour of such visitors.

* A student shall not keep, without the prior permission of the landlord, a pet of any kind in the house or its immediate precincts.

* A student shall not leave litter in any part of the building, its garden or immediate precincts.

* A student shall not act in any manner that is abusive towards members of the household or neighbours.

* A student shall not create an environment that is intimidating, hostile or demeaning, specifically in relation to race, gender, beliefs or sexual orientation. If any student feels threatened or intimidated in any way, please contact IAPO staff for advice on how to proceed with the matter.


* A student shall not make such noise as disturbs another person, be it a fellow housemate or a neighbour.

* Music and/or loud conversation should be toned down considerably after 22h00 on weekdays and after midnight at weekends out of consideration for neighbours and fellow housemates.


* A student shall not organise or help to organise any gathering, function or party in any student house for financial benefit.

* Parties MAY NOT be held at the houses.

*No drugs will be allowed on the premises at all. Any student found using or in possession of drugs will be handed over to the police.