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Arrival and Orientation Checklist

Arrival and Orientation Checklist

  1. Inform UCT of your flight arrival details in advance!  If you plan to arrive on one of the dates on which IAPO will arrange transport from the airport for you, you will receive full details of how this works, once you have made a booking.  See "Arrivals and Airport Transfers" for more detail. 
  2. When you enter South Africa, please check that the entry stamp in your passport corresponds with your study visa dates and purpose of stay. If you have a query, check it with the Home Affairs official at the entry point. It’s easier to query this immediately at the port of entry than follow up about a discrepancy at a later date with the Department of Home Affairs in Pretoria.
  3. If you didn’t notify us of your arrival on one of the recommended days you will need to catch a metered taxi or UBER from the airport to take you to your accommodation. There are a number of taxi companies at the airport who are waiting to assist. You will need cash to pay for the taxi or a credit card (pre-registered) for UBER. You can also choose to pre-book and pay using the airport shuttle service.  
  4. Inform your family / friends of your safe arrival in Cape Town!  It’s very important to do this as soon as you can.
  5. If you have been booked into UCT vacation accommodation, you will check into Vacation Accommodation on campus. 
  6. On the day that residences open (4 February 2018) you will move into your term-time accommodation. 
  7. Make use of the Orientation Leader’s knowledge of the UCT campus and life as a student. The Orientation Leaders are there to assist you to integrate into UCT easily so please make full use of them and don’t hesitate to ask for help. They are also your link to other local student groups on campus.

Orientation information and checklist

  1. Familiarise yourself with the orientation programme (it will be available on this website in early January 2018).  It’s important to attend the orientation programme, so please diarise the events and activities.
  2. Study the campus maps so that you know where to go at the start of orientation. IAPO Main office is located on Level 3 in the Masingene Building, Middle Campus, and the IAPO Mobility Centre is located in the Ivan Toms Building, Matopo Road, Mowbray.
  3. Complete your visa, medical aid (insurance) and fee clearance with IAPO. Please adhere to the appropriate time slot for you on the orientation programme. See "Orientation and Pre-Reg" for detailed information on the process.
  4. Complete your faculty registration at the appropriate venue and time slot shown on the orientation programme.
  5. Collect a student card from the Leslie Social Sciences Building, University Avenue, Upper Campus. You must present your proof of registration and your passport to get your student card. Opening hours are 8.30am – 4pm, Monday – Friday  (you must complete registration FIRST)
  6. Activate your UCT email account. Details on how to do this can be found here. If you do not plan to use your UCT email account as your primary means of communication, it’s vital that you forward mail to the account you will be using, as your UCT email is the address that UCT and IAPO will use to convey important information to you during the semester. Download the guide to ICT services for undergraduates and a further guide to ICTS services for useful ICTS information.
  7. If you require any form of academic concession (for example, extra time during exams because of ADHD) you need to start this process as soon as possible. Do not leave it until just before exams as it is a process that takes time to complete. Contact the UCT Disability Service for further assistance.
  8. Open a local student bank account. The following banks are located on Main Road in Rondebosch - Standard Bank, First National Bank and Nedbank. You will need your UCT student card, passport, proof of accommodation, in the form of a lease or letter from UCT student housing/IAPO if applicable, and a minimum of about R70 to open the account. 
  9. Register with your Embassy. You can normally do this online at your home country’s Embassy website.  US students should register with the Smart Traveller Enrolment Programme (STEP).