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Cost of Attendance

General information: Cost of attendance (COA)

Funds may only be used for authorized educational costs incurred for the duration of your studies.

Authorized educational costs

  • Tuition fee - in accordance with your program of study
  • Faculty International Term Fee (ITF) - in accordance with your degree of study
  • International Admin fee - R3275
  • Books & stationery - R7000 per year, as per fee booklet
  • Equipment / fieldwork - R3000 per year, as per fee booklet. Documentation needed to justify a higher amount
  • Rent/room & board - up to R4300 per month or total on-campus accomodation fee
  • Food - R3000 per month
  • Miscellaneous/living expenses - R2500 per month
  • Plane ticket to school and back home
  • To purchase a computer/laptop - invoice/details and cost to be provided.
  • Medical insurance - R450pm average
  • Transportation costs - R1000 per month
  • Dependant child care - documentation to be provided for the cost of the child care only during your class times
  • Origination fee

GSB students will have a higher COA

Unauthorized costs

  • Leasing & purchasing of a vehicle
  • Clothing
  • Expenses covering the family

Students may apply for a COA adjustment based on additional expenses which are directly related to the cost of their education. Professional judgement will be used for excessive educational expenses or dependency care. All professional judgement applications must include supporting documentation such as, but not limited to, receipts, travel logs, etc. approved by your faculty supervisor to support the application. Only applications submitted with supporting evidence will be considered when applying for additional funding.