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IAPO welcomes all international students to UCT, Cape Town and South Africa. UCT is home to some 4 300 international students from 104 countries. With international students representing 20% of the population, the campus represents a diverse mix of people, cultures, religions, values and expectations.

International students coming to UCT do so for a number of differing reasons.

Classification depends on where you come from and what programme of study you wish to undertake.

International students are defined as:

Applicants or students who are not South African citizens or permanent residents.

International student classifications:

  1. Semester Study Abroad students - The study abroad programme is designed for international students who wish to spend one or two semesters at UCT taking mostly undergraduate courses for the purpose of transferring credit, on completion, to their home institution for, usually, undergraduate degree credit. (South African students may also participate on this programme.)
  2. Incoming exchange students - These also come in on the SSA Programme but typically involve fee waivers and two-way mobility of students.
  3. International full degree students (IFDS) - International students studying towards a UCT qualification or degree. This category is further broken down into SADC students and rest-of-world students for Fees purposes.
  4. International affiliates - Typically postgraduate researchers, who do not take courses, but wish to be affiliated to UCT while pursuing their own research towards studies at their own university.
  5. International occasional students - Typically a student wishing to take one or two courses only, for non-degree purposes.
  6. US Federal Loan students - eligible USA citizens wishing to apply for US Federal Aid - Direct loan and/or Grad PLUS Loans
  7. Furthermore, IAPO hosts academic student groups from international partner institutions. These are known as Island Programmes.