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Orientation and Pre-registration

Orientation First Semester 2018

Orientation for Semester Study Abroad students arriving for the first semester 2018 will take place from Tuesday 6th to Friday 09 February 2018, with orientation for International Full degree Students taking place from Monday 5th February to Friday 9 February.  We look forward to welcoming you!

The full programme of activities can be downloaded here

About Orientation

Every year, the International Academic Programmes Office (IAPO) arranges an orientation programme for international students to assist with the transition to UCT and Cape Town in general. Orientation is a university-wide process. Academic faculties, residences and support departments such as the Department of Student Affairs host a variety of activities aimed at welcoming you to UCT and making you feel part of the university community. It is important for students to attend these orientation activities. 

Our orientation is conducted with the help of fellow students called Orientation Leaders, who are on hand to help provide you with the information you need to know about Cape Town, UCT faculties, staying on and off campus, etc. They are a friendly group of both South African and international student leaders who have been trained to assist new students.

Through IAPO’s orientation programme students learn important information regarding safety, health, immigration, academic procedures, financial arrangements and other services offered by the international office. The programme also introduces students to support services at UCT, the UCT environs and adjusting to South African culture. 

During orientation, please do not hesitate to ask for assistance from your Orientation Leaders.


The Immigration Act requires all institutions of higher learning in South Africa to report accurately and keep a record of international students registered for studies at their institution. UCT is therefore obligated to comply with government regulations and ensure that international students are in possession of valid documents for registration at UCT.
All full-time undergraduate, full-time postgraduate, occasional, semester study abroad, modular, affiliated students and postdoctoral fellows are required to pre-register with IAPO before their registration at UCT.
Students/fellows must ensure that they are pre-registered with IAPO before their faculty registration.
Students/fellows are required to present to IAPO the following:

  • Their passport with a visa valid for studies at UCT
  • Proof of payment of fees or sponsorship (if applicable)
  • Proof of medical cover, from a registered South African medical aid scheme, specifying the period of study
  • A copy of proof of medical aid cover, from a registered South African medical aid scheme, specifying the period of study

ALL pre-registration for undergraduate and postgraduate students will take place in the Sports Centre from Mon 05 February 2018 to Fri 09 February 2018 from 09h00 to 16h00.  From 12 February 2018 onwards, pre-registration will again be done at IAPO, Masingene Building, Middle Campus.
Students must please bring the following with them:

  • their original passport, plus a copy of the front page of their passport and a copy of their study visa;
  • Proof of South African medical aid cover for the period of study;
  • Proof of payment of their fees or, if relevant, a copy of documentation which provides proof of sponsorship.

Please note that there are no facilities for students to copy their documents in the Sports Centre, so please arrange to make copies before you arrive.
Registration for your academic programme takes place after you have pre-registered. Please check with your faculty about the time, date and requirements for registration. For students coming through specific programmes (e.g. Semester Study Abroad Programme), further details on registration will be provided during orientation.


Campus Life: Orientation 2017

Click on the image below to download your copy of Campus Life: Orientation 2017.  *2018 Edition coming soon!

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