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The International Visitors' Programme exists to design and manage appropriate programmes for international and national visitors to UCT.

Its duties include:

  • advising prospective visitors and putting them in touch with the people / units best suited to the purpose of their visit
  • providing the professional service expected by international visitors and faculties who will be at UCT for a range of purposes and time periods
  • designing and managing appropriate programmes for international and national visitors to UCT, and fact-finding missions for individuals, groups, donors, potential donors, diplomats, academics, etc
  • advising international visitors of South African government regulations about visitors' visas, assisting those already at UCT to extend their visas and obtain travel documents
  • managing and scheduling tours of campus

In order to assist us to plan for the visits so that they yield maximum benefit for all concerned and to accommodate the many visit requests that UCT receives, it has become necessary to request some systematic advance information prior to the visit. To this end please complete the visit request form.


Prospective staff or visiting academic staff visa or work-permit queries: please contact Cheryl Samuel  in the HR Appointments Office, telephone +27 21 650 2196.

Accommodation for visiting academics and staff: please contact All Africa House.  Email Cally de Waal  or telephone +27 21 650 4152 or fax +27 21 689 5109.