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Afropolitan Initiatives at UCT

Build strategic linkages with relevant Departments / Collaboration with other Africa-focused units at UCT

The African Academic links section liaisons with Centre for African Studies, African Gender Institute and All Africa House and jointly hosts seminars and other Africa-focused activities.

Centre for African Studies (CAS)

The Centre for African Studies is a research and teaching department in the Faculty of Humanities, it offers post graduate programmes in African Studies as Post graduate diploma in African Studies, Honours in African Studies, Multidisciplinary-taught Masters in African Studies, Research Masters in African Studies and Doctorate in African Studies.

CAS has opportunities for postgraduate scholarships and attracts a community of Visiting Associates from other parts of Africa and across the globe. The CAS has a Gallery which is a multi-functional space used for annual multi media exhibitions of student works , Cultural Programme of events and the Africa Seminar Series and publishes an in-house peer-reviewed journal called Social Dynamics.

For more information visit the African Studies website.

African Gender Institute (AGI)

The African Gender Institute was established in 1996 with the aim of developing theoretical and practical understandings of gender and its importance in the process of social transformation in Africa. The AGI facilitates links between Intellectuals, Policy Makers and Practitioners working towards the attainment of gender equity in Africa, and achieves this through academic teaching, research work and applied project work.

AGI is a department in the Faculty of Humanities and offers undergraduate programmes in Gender and Development, the Politics of Gendered Knowledge and Post- graduate programmes such as Honours in Gender and Transformation, Research Masters in Gender Studies and Doctorate in Gender Studies.

For more information log into here.

All Africa House (AAH)

All Africa House is a Bed & Breakfast academic residence for academics and Scholars from Africa and the rest of the world working on Africa related research. AAH is also the residence for USHEPiA Fellows during their studies at UCT. AAH runs a Seminar series where Guests present lectures, providing an opportunity to interact, share and exchange information and ideas. Participants are UCT community and from outside. The USHEPiA Fellows also make presentations at the seminars and benefit from the wealth of academic exchange that takes place at the Seminars.

For more information view the All Africa House webpages.

Management of UCT's African academic links database

The Africa Section hosts and manages the African Academic links database. Through this project we document all the academic and research linkages that UCT academics have with African Institutions/organisations. Information from the database reveals that UCT has strong academic and research linkages in Africa. The database is valuable to facilitate development of strategic partnerships and new academic programmes and agreements between UCT, the African institutions, and international partners world wide. In the past the Africa database was useful to provide information to UCT Executive who wanted to know the work of UCT in Africa, and to other stakeholders who were interested to know UCT's academic links with institutions in Africa.

The Africa database has been useful to assist academics who want to establish new programmes with other African institutions and academics with existing links have given valuable advice to other academics who wish to establish new links/programmes within Africa. This further helps to identify valuable collaborative partners on the continent. The database has demonstrated that UCT's Africa links facilitate establishment of research networks on the continent, assists in sharing of expertise, knowledge, resources and circulation of information within Africa. The database also demonstrate how UCT and South Africa is making a valuable contribution to development of Higher Education in Africa.