Since 2011, the University of Cape Town has been part of the Erasmus Mundus programmes and many postgraduate students and staff members have received scholarships to study and research at various European universities.


EMA2SA (Erasmus Mundus Action 2 for South Africa), EUROSA (Europe and South African Partnership for Human Development), EU-SATURN (European - South African programme in Tuning for Regional Needs in higher education), AESOP (A European and South African Partnership on Heritage and Past) and EUSA_ID (Capacity Building in Higher Education for an improved cooperation between the EU and SA in the field of Development Studies) form part of the Erasmus Mundus and External Cooperation division of the European Commission.


The University of Cape Town is proud to be associated with the EUSA_ID and INSPIRE scholarship programmes for the academic cycles of 2016/17. UCT students and staff will be eligible to apply for these scholarship programmes as part of the Target Group 1 category. Ruhr-University Bochum (Germany) is the European co-coordinating partner of EUSA_ID and Uppsala University (Sweden) is the European co-coordinating of INSPIRE,  with the University of the Western Cape as the South African coordinating partner for both projects. 


More information and applications for these Erasmus Mundus programmes are available online and can be obtained from the websites of the programmes. 

All enquiries can be directed to Stephanie van Heerden at UCT's International Academic Programmes Office (IAPO).