The first cohort of IARU-GSP outgoing students

6 Jul 2017 - 11:45

In January 2016, UCT became the first African university to join the International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU) network. In the same year, UCT hosted four international students as part of the IARU-Global Summer program (GSP). In 2017, the UCT IARU-GSP course will be held from 17 – 28 July at UCT. 

The IARU-GSP provides students with a prestigious and valuable opportunity, allowing them to participate in a globally competitive educational programme from renowned universities, making them part of a growing IARU alumni. 

The IARU-GSP provides an excellent platform for IAPO to promote and support internationalisation opportunities for local students, as well as to drive internationalisation at home (I@H) by inviting international students to attend IARU-GSP courses hosted at UCT. 

Eight participants were selected to attend short courses at the University of Copenhagen, University of Tokyo, University of Peking and Cambridge University – four of the 11 member universities of the IARU. The other IARU member universities are University of California Berkeley, ETH Zurich, National University of Singapore, Australian National University, University of Oxford and Yale University. 

A special orientation was recently held for UCT’s first group of IARU-GSP students who have enrolled in short courses at institutions around the world. The orientation organised by the Global Short Academic Programmes (GSAP) unit of IAPO and took place on 20 June 2017. Students were also provided with an informative pre-departure presentation and were congratulated by GSAP-IAPO manager, Nicola Latchiah. 

In attendance were the participants: Alick Mwedzi, Mikovhe Maphiri, Anthony Jacob, Kagisho Montjane, Molly Wood, Emma Jordi, Emma Ho, and Zenzo Chakara. They make up UCT’s first cohort of outgoing IARU-GSP students and were selected by a nomination committee after a rigorous and competitive application process. 

During the orientation, students got to know one another better through a round of introductions and shared with one another their expectations of participating in IARU-GSP courses internationally. This included excitement to travel to new countries, experience other cultures, meet different people, network with peers, and attend interdisciplinary courses that are related to their ongoing research and study programmes at UCT.

The participants will form part of this prestigious group of alumni affiliated to the IARU membership. It is expected that the students’ experience will add value to their personal and academic development, build on their global citizenship and contribute to I@H initiatives at UCT.