IAPO team visit home for the aged for Mandela Day

31 Jul 2017 - 12:00

To do their bit for Mandela Day the IAPO team visited Mez Wallach, a home for the aged in Lakeside, Cape Town.

Mez Wallach accommodates 90 elderly tenants. On a pre-visit we were told that there are many tenants that would not come out of their rooms because they might be feeling down, or feel ill. The elders we saw waited for us in the dining room and they were keen to chat and play games.  We served the tenants a light lunch and played games and chatted. Sometimes games were abandoned as conversations took over.

We noticed that the tenants collected rainwater in ice cream containers, plastic bottles and jerry cans to water their garden. IAPO was able to donate a jojo water tank to store their water.

Mez Wallach, Mandela Day

Mez Wallach also has a small library. Connie Williams, ex- IAPO staff, generously donated two crates of books for the library!

See quotes and more images below:

I think it was a good thing that we as IAPO did this outreach to the Mez Wallach old age home, because it shows the older folk that there are still people who care for their needs, value and appreciate them as people. It also shows that we are prepared without being asked to set aside give our time to spend with them. The one thing that struck me is that these people are all so appreciative, loving and friendly.   – Crispin

What an awesome opportunity to have visited the amazing people of Mez Wallach.

I absolutely enjoyed the time spent there and earnestly hope we can visit them again, even if over a weekend. It was good for the soul to sit and just listen to their stories.  Our team attempted to play a board game but we ended up just talking for the remainder of our time together.

It was amazing to know how much we had in common and two of the people there actually know many people in my friendship/family circles.  That was interesting.  Also, just being out of our normal work environment was good and spending it with amazing people.

I wish to commend the Transformation Team for the initiative.  Next time we must definitely include music / a musician, those people were in the mood for some dancing!!

Thank you very much for the opportunity. – Joy


It was loads of fun. They made us feel welcome so it was easy to enjoy ourselves with them. Will do it again definitely.  – Galiema

It was a very heartwarming and engaging experience. My expectations were not very high, but their smiles and applause as we walked in made us feel special. It was a very profound moment to engage with a different generation, and I could sense their sincere appreciation of sharing our time and connecting as human beings. One does not experience that often. -  Charlton

This year Mandela Day was all about giving up our precious time to spend it with the elderly. They made it so easy for us to be of service to them. We served tea, we played games or chatted away. I met a fellow runner and we also chatted up a storm. When the time came to leave it was hugs and kisses all round. The memories of our visit will remain with me for a long time.  – Lindy

Special mentions:

To Prof Kalula, thank you for endorsing this event and to Wayne for the budget.

To Tanwier and Charles for driving us around to make the arrangements and to Jonathan who arranged transport for the staff.

To Erin for compiling these lovely pictures and staff comments.

Thank you to everyone for working together for the success of this event.