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University of Oradea Student Application Form

  • Exchange Application for the mid-year Exchange Period (15 May - 30 July 2020) must be submitted by 5 March 2020. 


In applying for a study abroad opportunity, you should be aware that:

*The International Academic Programmes Office cannot guarantee that all advertised opportunities will be available every semester.

Until formally notified in writing by IAPO of the success of your application and final placement, you should not de-register from courses or cancel your student housing.
You must be a registered UCT student (undergraduate) at the time of the exchange.
NB Post Docs are not eligible for this exchange.
You will pay full UCT fees for the entire period of the exchange (i.e. no fee reductions will be given for the period).


Personal details:
* = Mandatory fields


Your UCT student number
This question is not mandatory, however, if you wish to provide this information, your data will be recorded in view of UCT achieving its equity targets within outbound international student mobility.
Year of study at UCT
Where would you prefer to go on an exchange?
e.g. SRC President 2015
e.g. Mountain and Ski Club Member, 2010
e.g. Rotary Club Volunteer, 2013 - 2015
For Undergraduate students, your motivation should discuss the importance of global citizenship; what an exchange will do for your personal and career development; and explicit details of how you intend to raise funds to supplement your scholarship. Your motivation should be no longer than 2 pages.
For Undergraduate students: a letter from your course convenor confirming their support for your exchange based on your academic performance thus far.
For Undergraduate students: A letter from your employer, spiritual leader or high school teacher attesting to your overall characteristics and why you benefit from an outbound international student mobility opportunity.